D1.1Essential sensing, mapping and low-level memoryCVUTRDec 2014
D1.2Sensing, mapping and low-level memory II

CVUTRDec 2015
D1.3Sensing, mapping and low-level memory III

CVUTRDec 2016
D1.4Sensing, mapping and low-level memory IV
CVUTRDec 2017
D2.1Baseline teleoperation manipulation and waypoint navigation capabilitiesKTHRDec 2014
D2.2Intelligent Shared control for navigation and mobile manipulation

KTHRDec 2015
D2.3Autonomous navigation, exploration and manipulation

KTHRDec 2016
D2.4Collaborative mobile manipulation

KTHRDec 2017
D3.1Trustworthy shared Situation Awareness (sSA) user interfacesFDDOODec 2014
D3.2Layered sSA user interfaces

FDDOODec 2015
D3.3Tailored sSA user interfaces

FDDOODec 2016
D3.4sSA interface that supports resilience
FDDOODec 2017
D4.1Basic methods for collaborative planningROMARDec 2014
D4.2Models for roles and decisions in collaboration

ROMARDec 2015
D4.3Communication and knowledge flow gluing the multi-robot collaborative framework

ROMARDec 2016
D4.4Implementing persistence in collaborative planning
ROMARDec 2017
D5.1Expectation Management in Shared ControlDFKIRDec 2014
D5.2Expectation Management in Common Ground

DFKIRDec 2015
D5.3Expectation Management Under Multi-Robot Collaboration

DFKIRDec 2016
D5.4Persistent Expectation Management in Human-Robot Teaming
DFKIRDec 2017
D6.1Multiple asynchronous sorties to assess a large-scale static disaster areaFraunhoferPDec 2014
D6.2Multiple asynchronous sorties to assess a large-scale dynamic disaster area

FraunhoferPDec 2015
D6.3Multi-robot task adaptation

FraunhoferPDec 2016
D6.4Persistence in long-term human-robot teaming for robot assisted disaster response

FraunhoferPDec 2017
D7.1Scenario-based evaluation in a large-scale static disaster areaTUDRDec 2014
D7.2Scenario-based evaluation in a large-scale dynamic disaster area

TUDRDec 2015
D7.3Scenario-based evaluation with multiple robots

TUDRDec 2016
D7.4Scenario-based evaluation with persistent long-term human-robot teaming
TUDRDec 2017
D8.1TRADR project portalCNVVFRMar 2014
D8.2Proceedings of the TRADR awareness activitiesCNVVFRDec 2014
D8.3Guidelines for Robot-Assisted Disaster ResponseCNVVFRDec 2014
D8.4Proceedings of the TRADR Summer School Yr1CNVVFRDec 2014
D8.5Proceedings of the TRADR international exercise

CNVVFRDec 2015
D8.6Proceedings of the TRADR Summer School Yr2

CNVVFRDec 2015
D8.7Proceedings of the TRADR Summer School Yr3

CNVVFRDec 2016
D8.8International Conference
CNVVFRDec 2017
D8.9Proceedings of the TRADR Summer School Yr4CNVVFRDec 2017


*R = Report, P = Prototype, D = Demonstrator, O = Other