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Save the date: TRADR Technology Day 2016, November 4th, at Power Plant Knepper, Dortmund, Germany.
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TRADR successfully deployed robot technology in the earthquake-hit Amatrice on September 1 2016. Read more.


TRADR robots in Amatrice

TRADR robots on front of the Sant’Agostino church in Amatrice.

TRADR control post in Amatrice

TRADR team control post during the inspection of the San Francesco church in Amatrice.


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Welcome to TRADR Project

TRADR is an integrated european research project funded by the EU FP7 Programme, ICT: Cognitive systems, interaction, robotics (Project Nr. 609763) in the area of robot-assisted disaster response (disaster robotics; search and rescue robotics).

Using a proven-in-practice user-centric design methodology, TRADR develops novel science and technology for human-robot teams to assist in urban search and rescue  efforts, which stretch over multiple missions: The novel technology makes disaster response experience persistent. Various kinds of robots collaborate with human team members to explore or search the environment, and gather physical samples. Throughout this collaborative effort, TRADR enables the team to gradually develop its understanding of the disaster area over, multiple possibly asynchronous missions (persistent environment models), to improve team members’ understanding of how to work in the area (persistent multi-robot action models), and to improve team-work (persistent human-robot teaming). TRADR focuses on an industrial accident scenario, but the technology is equally applicable for using robots in other urban search and rescue (USAR) scenarios, such as response to an earthquake as the TRADR deployment in Amatrice, Italy, on September 1st 2016 shows.