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Save the date: TRADR Technology Day 2017, November 17th, in the Netherlands

25 August, 2017 Posted by tradr_admin

We invite you to save the date for the “Robot-Assisted Disaster Response Technology Day” organized by the TRADR Project on 17 November 2017 in the Netherlands.

The EU project TRADR is on the forefront of developing and deploying technology for human-robot teaming for robot-assisted disaster response in Europe.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend presentations on the current state of the art, see a practical demonstration of the TRADR integrated system and make contacts with experts within and outside the TRADR project.

If you are interested in participating or have further questions, please send an email to:

The full program and further details will be announced later.

Please feel free to circulate this invitation to your colleagues and networks. Thank you. 

We thank you for your interest and look forward to welcoming you on
 November 17th.






TRADR project on ROSCon main track!

1 August, 2017 Posted by tradr_admin

ROSCon is an annual developers’ conference organized for users of ROS (Robot Operating System). This year it takes place in Vancouver and our talk about ROS use in TRADR project has been accepted and scheduled to Sep 22, 9:00-9:40.

Meet us at ROSCon or watch the video of the presentation shortly after ROSCon is over.

Talk details

Title: ROS for Search and Rescue Robotics: Tools and Lessons learned during TRADR
Abstract: Search and Rescue Robotics is an extremely challenging and broad area of robotics that has recently been experiencing enormous progress. In the last 3 years, the EU project TRADR investigated many aspects of the aforementioned field. With this talk, we would like to share with the ROS community the experience acquired in the development of our system based on advanced use of ROS, in testing and using various hardware, and in dealing with end-users that compose the human-robot teams during search and rescue missions.

TRADR Robot-Assisted Disaster Response Tested By Dutch Firebrigade

26 June, 2017 Posted by tradr_admin

Partners of the TRADR project (Long-Term Human-Robot Teaming for Disaster Response) met for a Joint Exercise with end users from the Joint Firebrigade of the Rotterdam harbour region (Gezamenlijke Brandweer; After similar events in Italy and in Germany in previous years, this was the first such event in the Netherlands. It took place at a firebrigade training facility on June 26-30 2017. The purpose was to test the TRADR integrated system in a realistic scenario set up by the end users and obtain their feedback on the current system functionalities and usability

The system setup consisted of ground robots and a drone. It was used by a team of firemen who received training on various components of the TRADR system throughout the week, such as UGV control, UAV control, mapping, remote arm operation, adaptive traversability and the use of the TRADR system for tactical information management.


After that the full TRADR system was used in a series of exercises, in which the team had to perform a variety of situation assessment tasks (such as i.e., mapping, searching for victims, fire, smoke and leakage detection) in an environment too dangerous for humans to access, due to danger of explosions and collapsing structures. The functionalities of the integrated system included UGV and UAV operation, map creation, adaptive traversability, realtime gas and smoke detection, tactical information management, team activity reporting and speech processing to extract information about task assignment from human team communication.





The firemen were as always very enthusiastic about the TRADR system and the potential of robot-assisted disaster response in general.

The TRADR team had shown some of this potential during the real deployment in September 2016 in the earthquake-struck Amatrice, Italy (cf. for more details).


TRADR co-organized workshop on Disaster Response Robotics at ICRA conference in Singapore

29 May, 2017 Posted by tradr_admin

On the 2nd of June, a workshop on Disaster Response Robots: Design Principles and Control for Effective Mobility and Manipulation was held at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in Singapore .

Nikos Tsagarakis (Organizer), Department of Advanced Robotics, Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genova.

The workshop was organized by N. Tsagarakis, P. Ogren, P. Jensfelt, S. Behnke, representing the EU projects Walkman, TRADR, and Centauro. These projects were presented in invited talks.


Cesar Cadena, Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zurich.

In addition there were 9 presentations that covered a wide range of topics from different labs and a projects across the world. Lively discussions took place between the presentations.
The attendees got a good overview of the state of the art of Disaster Response Robotics.

Call for Participation: TRADR Summer School on Human-Robot Teaming, 21-25 of Augustus, Utrecht, the Netherlands

9 May, 2017 Posted by tradr_admin

TRADR Summer School on Human-Robot Teaming
21-25 of Augustus, Utrecht, the Netherlands

The TRADR summer school on Human-Robot Teaming will be held from 21-25 August 2017 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The event consists of a five-day course to provide participants with a full overview and hands-on experience related to Human-Robot Teaming. For more information have a look on the website.