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TRADR at RoboCup 2016

3 June, 2016 Posted by tradr_admin

The TRADR project displayed its newest developments at the RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig. There, we participated in a joint booth of several EU-funded projects, hosted by the euRobotics association.

During the four days, the team, consisting of different project partners, presented our approach and our technique to both public and scientific audience and established contacts throughout the robotics world. Our booth included a running UGV where visitors could get an impression of the collected sensor data as well as an arm for manipulation. Our team consisted of different members of the project, reaching from UGV-experts over data processing to human-robot interaction as well as EndUsers.

Introducing TRADR

14 January, 2014 Posted by tradr_admin

TRADR is an integrated research project funded by the EU FP7 Programme, ICT: Cognitive systems, interaction, robotics (Project Nr. 60963).

Using a proven-in-practice user-centric design methodology, TRADR develops novel S&T for human-robot teams to assist in disaster response efforts, over multiple missions: The novel S&T makes experience persistent. Various kinds of robots collaborate with human team members to explore the environment, and gather physical samples. Throughout this collaborative effort, TRADR enables the team to gradually develop its understanding of the disaster area over, multiple possibly asynchronous missions (persistent environment models), to improve team members’ understanding of how to work in the area (persistent multi-robot action models), and to improve team-work (persistent human-robot teaming).