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Second TRADR Joint Exercise

18 May, 2015 Posted by tradr_admin

From May 18th to 22nd the second TRADR Joint Exercise took place at Phönix West, which is the ruin of an old furnace in Dortmund, Germany. The exercise was conducted in cooperation with the TRADR partners and firefighters from the Institut fur Feuerwehr und Rettungstechnologie Dortmund. The goal was to test the system components and run the system at a field location (as opposed to a more controlled lab environment). Useful data was collected and component level experiments were run. The use cases that were tested consisted of multiple asynchronous sorties as part of a large-scale dynamic disaster.

TRADR Dissemination Event 2014

9 December, 2014 Posted by tradr_admin

A talk and a demonstration of “SAR drones with different sensors” was given at the recent meeting of the VRGeo consortium in Sankt Augustin on December 9 and 10, 2014.  Their main goal is the development and evaluation of interactive hardware and software technologies for visualization systems in the oil and gas industry. The participants were impressed of the experience with highly mobile visual sensors, including laser scanner and thermal imaging. The demonstration was based on the NIFTi UAV, which was developed at Fraunhofer IAIS during the NIFTi project, and on the AscTec Pelican, which is currently used as a development platform in the TRADR project.

First TRADR Joint Exercise

23 September, 2014 Posted by tradr_admin


From September 23rd to October 2nd the first TRADR Joint Exercise takes place at the Tremora hospital (ex American hospital of Calambrone) near Pisa, Italy, in cooperation between the TRADR partners and the firefighters from the Firebrigade of Pisa. One of the goals is to test the system components and run the system at the hospital site with the participation of the end-users. The end-user’s input and feedback during the Joint Exercise, is another important aspect. Moreover, useful data is collected and component level experiments are run. The use cases tested deals with multiple asynchronous sorties and large-scale static disaster.


TRADR Summer School on Reasoning in the Robot World

28 July, 2014 Posted by tradr_admin


TRADR organized a summer school at the Czech Technical University in Prague (hosted by Center for Machine Perception) on July 28 – August 1, 2014. The main topic of the summer school is the world representation for perception/reasoning. The summer school topic relates to long-term multi-robot missions and involved robotic manipulation, which is the topic of TRADR interest.  The seed of the summer school audience were the members of the TRADR consortium, though the event is open to others, as long as capacity allows. Detailed Information can be found here.

Recent end users’ meeting

24 June, 2014 Posted by tradr_admin


A task force consisting of the three end users and two partners who are working on the TRADR system architecture met at Dortmund, Germany on June 24-25; the main objective was to discuss the development of a “Trustworthy tactical SA support” from the end users’ point of view. The agenda included

–          Current state of architecture discussion in TRADR

–          Interface regarding the information needs of the end users

–          Possible use cases for verbal interaction

–          User needs for dedicated sensors and their technical integration