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The ALCOR Team at the Edison Pulse Day

29 March, 2017 Posted by tradr_admin

Luigi Freda from the ALCOR lab , University La Sapienza in Rom, attended the Italian Event, Edison Pulse Day, and presented the TRADR project and the mission in Amatrice (by using videos on the youtube TRADR channel).
The event was mostly focused on Startups with an accent on Energy and relaunching new ideas after the crisis due to the earthquake.

TRADR at 2017 European Robotics Forum Workshop on S&R Robots

22 March, 2017 Posted by tradr_admin



Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová and Hartmut Surmann (re)presented TRADR at the European Robotics Forum in Edinburgh, March 22-24 2017. In the session “Success Stories: Robotics for Disaster Response” Ivana spoke about TRADR objectives and recent results, including the deployment of TRADR robots in response to the earthquake in Amatrice. Alongside speakers from several other EU projects dealing with disaster response and search & rescue she was also one of the panelists in a discussion which addressed S&R competitions, involvement of companies, benchmarking and system integration.
In the AI & Cognitive Robotics session “AI for long-term autonomy in robot applications” Ivana delivered a position statement based on TRADR experience and participated in group discussions. Similarly to the speakers representing other domains of application she underlined the need for learning from experience, e.g., to avoid repeating a mistake; the need for coping with complex, unknown, unpredictable and dynamic environments; and the need for communication between robots and humans about mission progress, including environment changes.

TRADR Year 3 Review in Montelibretti, Italy

7 March, 2017 Posted by tradr_admin

The TRADR Year 3 review took place at the Scuola Di Formazione Operativa in Montelibretti, (Italy) of Vigili del Fuoco on Tuesday March 7 and Wednesday March 8.
The system demonstration was successful and the overall progress of the project was evaluated by the predicate “excellent” or “very good”.
More detailed information will follow soon.