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TRADR ITEX workshop 2015 at TU Delft, NL

15 December, 2015 Posted by tradr_admin

On Tuesday 15th – Thursday 17th of December 2015 the TRADR ITEX workshop took place at the TU in Delft.
Partners and end-users met to test parts of the integrated system and have discussions about the following topics:
– Improvement and speed-up of the system integration
– End-user experiences with current components
– Usage of scenario simulators
– TDS (TRADR display system) progress and end-user visions



Symposium of CTIF at ISA 2015

9 December, 2015 Posted by tradr_admin



TRADR coordinator I. Kruijff-Korbayova gave and invited talk at the International Conference of CTIF  on December 9 2015 at the Italian Firebrigade Academy (Istituto Superiore Anticendi, ISA) in Rome. CTIF is an international professional firebrigade competency network, whose main goal is to share experiences and knowledge. Founded in 1999 it has members from 36 countries around the world. Its work is organized by committees which set up working groups on specific themes. The conference in Rome was convened by the committee on “Extrication and new technology” established in 2013. It was attended by representatives of firebrigades from many countries and also by safety expert from several car manufacturers, incl. Renault, Fiat Chrysler and Iveco. In her speech Dr. Kruijff-Korbayova presented the research topics, user-centric design methodology and main achievements of the EU projects NIFTi and TRADR DFKI.  The presentation was met with great interest of CTIF representatives and other participants, including the CTIF president Mr. Tore Eriksson and the chairman of the above mentioned CTIF committee Mr. Tom van Esbroeck. It was suggested that I. Kruijff-Korbayova be invited to join the Commission.


Happy Birthday!

7 December, 2015 Posted by tradr_admin